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How I grew The A11Y Project to 10k followers on Twitter

One thing I’ve been doing for The A11Y project is managing its social media efforts. Since doing so, I’ve slowly grown its Twitter followers to 10,000+.

Now, before I get into it, there’s some things worth pointing out:

How I did it

I tweet every weekday, three times a day to ensure good timezone coverage. The tweets are a mix of the following:

The linked posts are the bulk of the content. I read each article, find a compelling quote, and attribute the author if they’re on Twitter.

And that’s it.

There’s no hustle or hacks. I don’t buy followers, glom onto hashtags, do auto-followbacks, or other gross growthhack nonsense. I don’t run polls, do mass @mentions, or ask open-ended narcissist-bait questions.

Every Sunday I plug posts for the week into Buffer from a list I keep. I try to do a mix of technical and social, new and old information, news and perspective, and known and unknown authors.

The real power of this technique is the community. Letting people speak about accessibility and disability in their own words is powerful enough that it can stand on its own.

Normally I’d say that follower count is a vanity metric, and not a great way to evaluate worth. However, in this case I feel it signifies reach, our ability to get the message out about an incredibly important topic.

Let it ride

I’m going to keep maintaining the feed this way, and don’t really plan on changing it anytime soon. We now enjoy the snowball effect of a high follower count with decent engagement, meaning we’ll probably continue to slowly accumulate more followers.

I’m pretty happy about that, in that it’s even more chances for people to get exposure to digital accessibility as a concept.

If you’re interested, you can follow The A11Y Project on Twitter. We’re also running #TenDollarsForTenK, a donation drive to commemorate hitting the 10k follower milestone.