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Formative posts

Blogs are good at communicating what you’re thinking about a specific topic, but not so great at the larger framework of how someone came to be in the headspace that lead to the posts they share. Because of that, I’ve set up a formative posts page.

This page is a list of blog posts other people have written that had a profound impact on me. There’s no other commentary or contextualization past that.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these sorts of brilliant insights and observations. I’m thankful these people exist in the world, thinking these thoughts and choosing to share them.

You can never really truly know someone, but you can learn more about who they are by what they make available to you. This is an attempt at that.

It’s also an idea I’d love to see others adopt on their personal sites: A network of interlinked, thought-provoking content that has made a lasting effect on the site’s owner.